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Treatment Types

Treatment Types

The treatments we provide in the clinic have been chosen and classified according to the result you are looking for.

The treatments include medical grade skincare with the award winning Obagi and Alumier MD systems, which have proven effects on the skin with regards to prevention of age related damage as well as rejuvenation

Injectable treatments are carried out with award winning Teosyal and Allergan products which physically can enhance and complement the shape of the face.

Medical Grade Skincare

What do you put on your skin?

Everyone applies something, even if its just soap and water or a makeup wipe at the end of the day.

What if its causing problems for your skin rather than helping?

Unfortunately, even the most expensive and luxurious creams over the counter do not have a high enough concentration of active products to make a difference to the underlying structure of the skin, and many can be actively detrimental.

What you need in order to make a difference is to use medical grade skincare products, which contain enough concentration of the potent active treatment in a package that makes its delivery to the correct area efficient.

Sometimes medical prescription items are needed to get the desired result with acne, rosacea, pigmentation and regeneration of the skin.

At Bridgewater Aesthetics, we use industry leading products which are priced less than many beauty hall products, but have an evidence-based background. I feel strongly that so many people waste their effort and money on expensive luxury products that have no evidence base in terms of strength and application.

In clinic, stronger products can be used in medical facials, and stronger still with ‘skin peels’, which act to increase the cell turnover in the base layers of the skin and stimulate the collagen and base structure of the skin.  These can be used in combination with home products.

Dermal Filler

At Bridgewater Aesthetics, we use industry leading Teosyal dermal filler which contains hyaluronic acid in a form that moves with the face muscles, giving a natural look when placed in carefully assessed areas.

The combination and layering of different types of filler is what gives a unique and natural result when moving the face. By using the correct product for the result and careful analysis of the face at rest and in movement, excellent results can be seen with relatively low amounts of filler.

The HA filler can be used to soften smokers lines around the mouth and replace lost volume in the lips that occurs with ageing, lift the mid face by replacing the fat pads that drop with gravity and age, and lines around the nose/ mouth/ chin. It can also be used to create a contour in the cheeks and balance the profile by adjusting the length and shape of the chin and jawline.

Prices start from £150 for 0.7 ml dermal filler
£250 for 1 ml dermal filler
Each additional ml £200

Skin Injectables

Several products are available which are injected directly into the skin.

This includes:

Skin Boosting
The award winning Redensity 1 is injected into the superficial skin.
This includes hyaluronic acid and multiple skin nutrients and gives a natural radiance to the skin as well as reducing fine lines very quickly.

Muscle Relaxing Injections
A purified neurotoxin is injected directly in to the muscles that cause wrinkles and lines, commonly the frown lines, ‘worry’ forehead lines, and crow’s feet lines (although other lines and muscles can also be targeted).
By reducing the activity of these muscles, the lines are also softened or removed.

The toxin is a prescribed product, and is only used following a medical consultation to assess your suitability and to ensure that you get the best treatment for your concerns.

Skin boosting injections £200 per area, course of 3 £500

Fat Dissolving

We also offer direct injections into stubborn pockets of fat, such as the sagging tummy, underarm fat and under chin fat that can remain after losing weight. This involves the injection of small amounts of Aqualyx that works to break down the fat in the cells directly.

£200 per area, course of three £500