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Should I have dermal filler or aesthetic treatment?

Should I Get Dermal Filler or Treatment? The answer is – if you want it then yes! Aesthetics treatments cover a wide range of therapies, all of which are designed to make you look and feel better in yourself.  You […]

Should I use vitamin c on my skin?

Why Should I Use Vitamin C for My Skin? Along with the big hitters of broad spectrum sun protection and avoiding smoking, using vitamin C is a great treatment to use regularly on the skin. Vitamin C helps with : […]

Get Radiant Skin! £200 for a limited time. Includes free skin peel (worth £95)

Do you have dull skin? Do you have pigmentation eg age spots (usually secondary to prior UV damage) Or pigmentation from acne scarring or melasma Book in to order your radiant skin package! The Skin Radiance kit from AlumierMD is […]

Should I get Botox? Your Questions Answered

What is Botox? ‘Botox’ is the name of the most commonly used neurotoxin used for anti-wrinkle injections. It is a neurotoxin that is taken up by the nerve endings in muscles, and reduces the movement of muscles. In the correct […]